Amazon – Get free Amazon prime membership for 30 days(old users also)

Amazon is back with Amazon prime to everyone whether old or new. They want to show them how fast the shipping is when we a person is a Amazon prime user and how better Amazon prime works. And we Dealnloot team know that most of theIntexWap’s Amazon gift cards were still left unused. So, now subscribe  for Free Amazon Prime membership and wait for the deals posted by us daily on dealNdeals and you can use that gift card when you found the deal we posted is appropriate.

Now you can get a free prime access even if your trail is expired. Hurry up and subscribe again so that you can get 15% cash back on all of your purchases (Click here).

& Here’s Some Suggestion if you have balance below 100  & Here a Hajmola Tablet for 23

How to get a Free Amazon Prime membership ?

1) Visit here    

2) login or sign up

Once again, this offer applicable to both who used &,never used a prime trail offer earlier. 

3) You will find an option saying “Start 30 days free trial”. Click on that

4) That’s it. You are a 30 days Prime member now.

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