Dealndeals Scam Alert – Buy Sandisk 16 GB Pendrive at Just Rs 19 by Amazon

Whatsapp messages are Full of Fake Scams Nowadays. People Make Shadow Copy of Original Websites & Add their Own Fake Content to it. They do it for Fraudulent activities. It is Dangerous to give your Valuable Information to them. Scared?

We got a Message from our Users about Sandisk 16 GB Pendrive at Just Rs 19 by Amazon. We Just want to say that it is 100% Fake !! They Earn a lot of Money from Traffic & Other Sources for your Valuable InformationDealnloot Scam Alert - Buy Sandisk 16 GB Pendrive at Just Rs 19 by Amazon

Request – We never ask you to share our posts but we request you to share this post with as many people as you can to spread awareness regarding internet scams.
What is the exact message ?

The exact wordings of the message that is being circulated consistently on social media is as follows –    

Breaking News, Now Buy Sandisk 16 GB Pendrive at Just 19 Rs. Buy It Now Before Sale Ends. Cash On Delivery Also Available. Visit just now http://sandisk-flashsale.comBuy Sandisk 16 GB Pendrive at Just Rs 19 by Amazon

Reasons that we call it fake/scam –

1 . Do you really think amazon can’t sell Pendrives on its own and will giveaway it like that ?

2. Even if Amazon wants to giveaway then they will do it professionally on their own website through some contest like treasure hunt or sweepstakes and not on some unknown domain like

3 – The Torento Seller is Having  516,350 ratings ???? ????

There are Numerous Other Reasons that can Prove it is Fake But I Think these Reasons can Satisfy you.

What to learn from this ?

This is not the only message. There are many other fake promotions like – “Reliance Jio Phone at Rs 99” and much more.

So boycott these things and yes if you ever receive such message from your friend, explain them about this. Awareness is essential. You can give them a link to this post so that they can understand themselves .

Why are they doing this ?

The answer is pretty simple – To get people’s personal data & to get traffic on their website.

Now the decision is yours – Do you want to be scam-smart and ignore not only this campaign but also others like these or still participate and waste your time/

Thanks people for reading the article. I hope it was helpful. Also please share it with others and make them aware as “The first step towards change is awareness”.

Any Query Regarding Any other Promotion ? Don’t Hesitate to Comment Below. We are here to Help you Regarding this ????

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