How to Increase Google Adsense Earnings :- Google Adsense Optimization Tips

How to Increase Google Adsense Earnings – Google Adsense Optimization Tips –  Google Adsense is one of the main part of earning for Almost 99% Bloggers.Even I almost depend on Adsense Earnings after Affiliate earning. But for earning on Adsense You need Some Good Traffic . But only traffic cannot increase your Adsense Earnings ,You need Google Adsense Optimization . So in this post I will tell you about Google Adsense Optimization & how to increase Google Adsense Earnings.

Google Adsense Optimization

How to apply for Google Adsense

What is Adsense Optimization ?

In simple words, Optimization means the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or existing resourcesite. Adsense Optimization means placing ads in a way, where you can earn maximum earnings . A website can earn $1 with 3k traffic & on other hand another website  with Good Adsense Optimization can earn $1 with 1k traffic. Just place your ads in proper way. Usually Bigger responsive ads give good results.

Desktop/Mobile Approach:-

As everyone knows the no of mobile users are increasing day by day. Everyone prefer to use mobile instead Of laptops/PC. So You have to optimize adsense keeping Mobile First Approch. So we will recommend  you Responsive ads .

Tips for Adsense Optimization :-

You have to keep in mind only these things

  • No of maximum ads
  • Ads placement
  • Ads Size
  • Ads should match with your blog theme for better results

Use Right Ad Placements :-

If you will use Right ads Placements , your earnings will definitely increase . You must choose that place for placing ads, which attracts the visitor when he opens any blog page. If you will place ads in footer,then your earning will be less,because less number of visitors read full article.

Place ads above the fold :-

Above the fold is area,which loads first when anyone opens your web page . Placing responsive ads Above the fold helps you to increase google adsense Earnings. This is the place which derives the attention of visitor & If visitor like that ad,Click chances goes high.

This doesn’t mean you just fill that space with multiple ads. Don’t Use Pushup Ads or Ads that force user  to click before going to next page. Google can ban adsense accounts which force user to click ads. We recommend to use 300*250 or 300*200 ads unit above the fold.

Big Ads give better results:-

This is true that bigger ads give better results. Bigger ads grabs attention of visitors. 300*600 ,970*250 , 336*280 ads give better results as CPC of these ads are usually high. Just keep in mind, Use bigger ads there only,where space is available .  If a visitor using Laptop than no problem, But You cannot use These ad Formats for Mobile Version . 300*250 or 300*200 is best ad format for both Mobile/Desktop Version.

Organic Traffic:-

Not everyone knows that CPC from organic traffic is more than normal traffic .  Organic traffic is when a visitor comes from search engine. CPC also depends on targeting countries. U.S/U.K traffic gives more earning than Indian traffic.

Ads in Content:-

Use Image & Text Ads both

Adsense for Search

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