Tata Sky Jingalala Saturdays – Get Tatasky Active Smart Manager at Rs.3 per day for 90 Days

Get an edge and advance your career with Actve Smart Manager. Young professionals and first-jobbers, discover what it takes to be a winner by learning how to behave appropriately in the workplace. Get Tatasky Active Smart Manager at Rs.3 per day for 90 Days !! It will teach you all etiquette necessary to improve behavior. Hurry up and Avail the Offer now ???? 

Tata Sky Jingalala Saturdays – Get Tatasky Active Smart Manager at Rs.3 per day for 90 Days

Note – This pack is for 90 Days only, So, remember that you have to deactivate this pack from next month if you don’t want to pay for it from next month.”
You will be charges at Rs 10 per Day after 90 Days “

How to avail this offer?

1. To avail this Offer, the Eligible Subscriber has to subscribe to the Tatasky Active Smart Manager on 2nd July 2016 anytime between 00:00 hours to 23:59:59 hours by any of the following methods:          

Method 1:  Missed call: By giving a missed call on 9226092260 from the Registered Mobile Number (‘RMN’) of the Eligible Subscriber.

Method 2: Tata Sky website: By logging on to My Tata Sky on www.mytatasky.com.

Method 3: Helpline: By calling the Tata Sky helpline number 18602086633

2. That’s it! The offer will be activated soon ????

3. Second month onwards, a regular price per month will be applicable unless you cancel the plan before the next month begins.

4. After subscribing, the Eligible Subscribers must press the Actve button on the remote control and select the Tatasky Active Smart Manager option to view the Pack.

About the Offer:-

  1. Tata Sky Jingalala Saturdays Actve Vedic Maths Offer (‘Offer’) is a promotional scheme which is being offered by Tata Sky Limited (‘Tata Sky’) to its Eligible Subscribers. Eligible Subscribers shall mean a Tata Sky Subscriber who has an Active Account Status and does not fall within the category mentioned in B (1) of the General Terms.
  2. Under this Offer, on 2nd July 2016, Tata Sky will offer the Actve Vedic Maths Pack (‘Pack’) to its Eligible Subscribers at a discounted rate of Rs.3/- per day for the period of 91 days as against the regular price of Rs.10/- per day charged by Tata Sky.
  3. Further, it is clarified that if the Eligible Subscribers wishes to discontinue the Pack subscribed by way of this Offer, and then again subscribes to the Pack at a later date, if made available by Tata Sky, then the Eligible Subscribers shall be charged the regular price of Rs.10/- per day or such other price as may be charged by Tata Sky at that period of time.

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