TeeSpring – Easy Way to Earn Money Online

TeeSpring – Easy Way to Earn Money Online In India , Earn Money Online Easily By designing tees with TeeSpring .

You all must be Surprised that why I m calling ‘TeeSpring‘ most easy way to earn money online in India or Anywhere in World Whether USA or UK or any Country . So, Let me Tell you that With TeeSpring , You can earn in thousands dollars without any Investment & Website . You Just need to design ,Rest TeeSpring will do by themselves.

You must be thinking that how a person can sell a T-shirt without spending a Single penny . So Let me clear your doubt here ,That you only have to design Tshirts, Rest Printing,Delivery will be managed by TeeSpring Themselves & You will get certain commission per order.

So The Basic Requirements are:-

1. A Computer or Mobile or Tab ( Computer Recommended)

2. A Internet Connection

3. Good Creativity (Most Important)

That’s it. Now You are ready to earn money online easily by TeeSpring.

 How to Make Money With TeeSpring ?

Before going forward,You all must know what is TeeSpring? TeeSpring is a online portal where you can buy T-shirts . Now they have added many more things like Mugs, Handbags  & Many more.

Procedure to make money with TeeSpring –

1. Create an awesome Design

2. Launch Campaign.

3. Now People will buy your T-shirt if they like.

That’s it. You started making money.  Things like printing & Shipping will be managed by TeeSpring.

First,Open your account on TeeSpring from here.

Signup or Login on TeeSpring.N ke   Click on Start designing. If you are on Mobile, then Click on Options & open ‘Create & Sell

You will see page like thisEarn way to earn money online

Now it’s time to use your creativity. Make good design on Tees. No technical requirements. Just use Text , Change font Size ,Add Symbols or you can also add any picture you have. Also, you can choose Hoodies, premium tees at place of Basic Tees.Easy way to earn money online

After designing your Shirt ,Now click on Sell this option. After that,Set your Goals ,How many T-shirts you want to sell. You should go with minimum 20Easy way to earn money online

Next Step is to choose suitable category, Give Suitable title & Description.which better describes about your Product. Choose attractive title for your Products & use keywords which are usually searched for finding your category products.Easy way to earn money online


That’s it. Launch your campaign. Now your T-shirt is on TeeSpring. If someone purchase your designed tees , You will get some profit from that & withdraw that amount at minimum threshold limit.

Don’t think that you will get success & will start earning in 1000$ in first design. You have to design the product till you will get to know that what people actually want. I have seen many people earning so high on TeeSprings. They tried about 20-30 designs & after that they started getting profits.

So make good & creative designs .You can design according to latest trends. So best of Luck.

Here are Some Suggestions to getting things easier for you :-

 1. Visit www.google.com/trends to know about list of popular searches on Google. 

2. Go to facebook & Search for TeeSprings groups. There are lots of people some are newbies & Some are designing from years. Believe me you will get to know about lots of things from there.

3. Go to Instagram to sell your designing stuff. You can make hashtags & Follow people & Can share your designing stuff Links so people can purchase.

4. Visit buzzsumo.com & see which facebook post is getting shared most in last 48 hours. You can check their niche & cqn create tees related to that only

I think this is the Good & Most easy method to earn money online. Just never lose your Hopes & Keep making good designs till you get your success. Best thing is you don’t have to spend a single penny. So Once again,  BEST OF LUCK.


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